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Let's turn things upside down and challenge our belief of what's possible. Because we can. Because we must. We must transform our businesses, cities, and the world for the better. Let's bring your entrepreneurial vision to light. Starting now.

Please complete this application to be considered for EntreVision. Make sure to click submit at the bottom of this page. You will receive a thank-you message upon successful completion. It is recommended for you to save this information elsewhere if you need time to process your thoughts before submitting your answers. You will not be able to make edits once it is submitted. All fields with an asterisk (*) require a response. If you have questions, please feel free to email [email protected] or call (865) 384-2578. We look forward to pouring over the applications and hopefully helping your idea come to life!

To learn more about EntreVision and the event schedule, award packages, visit here.

Contact Information

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Application for other awards

All applicants are considered for the Entrepreneur of the Year, Entrepreneurs of Distinction awards. Please check any other categories for which you wish to apply.

Personal Information

Let's get connected! Because we are launching leaders not just business, it is important for us to put a face with a name and get to know you on a deeper level - your story, what makes you tick. Please do tell!

Only accepting pdf, doc, docx, wpd, odt, jpg, png file types.

Vision as a Guiding Light

We define EntreVision as the entrepreneurial spirit and vision that it takes to sustain and grow a business.

A vision statement is a guiding light. It is more than an elevator pitch...though it does a good job at that too! It reminds us of why we do what we do on our toughest days.

In a word or phrase, what makes your startup or new idea stand out?

Executive Summary

This is your time to wow us! Grab our attention. Compel us to desire more. The executive summary is the most critical part of a business plan. It is the foundation for all that is to come and presents the best opportunity to pitch your problem-solving idea (...outside of being face-to-face that is! Hopefully, we'll get that opportunity as well!).

Each executive summary should be unique and focus on the areas that are most important to your business success. Whether you are a startup or expanding business in the for-profit or non-profit industry, these are some of the elements we would like to see: your mission/vision, business description, background/story, product/service overview, market analysis, business model, financial projections, risks, team/partners and organizational plan. Your executive summary may not have all of these components right now. Our advice? Take a deep breath and give us your best. Be sure to address the problem, solution, and why now. Share how your company will make a difference (platform, cause or some element of the business that seeks to do good, make a positive and measurable impact). All entries should strike a commercial and social balance.

Be clever, clear and concise. The executive summary should be no more than three pages. Have fun!

Only accepting pdf, doc, docx, wpd, odt, jpg, png file types.

Supplemental Materials

If you have any supporting materials for your application, upload them here or send them to the address below. It is highly recommended for you to include a link to an externally hosted Video Pitch (ex. YouTube or Vimeo). This will help our judges understand your innovation, how it works, and your passion for it. With your consent (see below), we will share your video during our People's Choice Award competition on social media.

Only accepting pdf, doc, docx, wpd, odt, jpg, png file types.

Often the best way to experience a new product or service is through its actual use. We encourage applicants to send samples when applicable to: The Legacy Centre, 6312 Kingston Pike, Suite 100, Knoxville, TN 37919.


Protecting your intellectual property is one of our utmost concerns. Your Executive Summary and Video Pitch will not be published in any form or announced publicly without your permission. This information is kept strictly confidential and used solely for judging purposes unless you give us your consent otherwise.

Please indicate your level of consent regarding your Executive Summary.*

Please indicate your level of consent regarding your Video Pitch.*

Note: Throughout EntreVision, participants, judges, mentors and teachers will be privileged to hear and/or learn of certain confidential and/or proprietary information about our companies and our families. It is the policy of The Legacy Centre that all such information and any information shared in our gatherings, whether or not specifically described as confidential, will be treated as confidential.

Upon acceptance into the EntreVision program, all participants will sign the TLC Confidentiality & Values Statement, which signifies your agreement not to disclose any confidential or proprietary information to any third parties without specific permission from the "owner" or "sharer" of that information. Each participant further agrees not to utilize any such information for their own personal or business advantage or for the personal or business advantage of any third party.

TLC is designed to be an environment for open and continuous learning for all of our participants. For that purpose it is our pride and our responsibility to protect the safety and privacy of all participants.

Key Details

During the 8-Night Growth Intensive, Labs will take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:00-9:00 p.m. Dinner Circles will take place on either Friday or Saturday evenings depending on your host. Please see the schedule for other event details.

I fully commit to attend and engage in the EntreVision experience, including the 8-Night Growth Intensive, Dinner Circles, Innovation Panel, Interviews, etc.*

If chosen, would you be able to attend the 2014 EntreVision main events on September 4th & 6th?*

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Ready to make something remarkable happen?

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