The Legacy Center

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Mission & Vision

The Legacy Centre is a community of business owners working together to connect generations, grow businesses, and serve families. Join us and live your legacy.

Connect. Grow. Serve. Live Your Legacy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect generations by growing businesses and serving families.

Our Vision

The Legacy Centre's vision is to become a community of family business owners and entrepreneurs that leads with passion and purpose, is compelled to connect, grow, and serve the greater Knoxville business community, and equips the next generation to carry on that legacy.

Our motto and challenge is "Live Your Legacy."

This is your one life. You have only one legacy to leave us. What will it be? We all have a unique legacy to leave for future generations. What if we lived each day the way we want to be remembered? Surely, our lives would be different...better, more meaningful somehow. Our work and relationships would grow and prosper far beyond our expectations. your legacy. Why not?