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Life Groups

Life Groups

One of the best places for our members to connect, grow, and serve at The Legacy Centre is in a Life Group. We all need to be challenged and encouraged by others to reach our full potential in life as business leaders, spouses, parents, friends, and citizens.

Let’s get real. Our business and personal lives cannot be kept separate despite our best efforts. They are intertwined. Here, at The Legacy Centre, we embrace the fact that your work and family lives intersect on a daily basis. In fact, we believe that when you intentionally work on each area of your life, especially in community, you will experience greater success, purpose and meaning. Ultimately, the legacy you live (and leave) for your family, staff, and clients will be a powerful testimony of your values and the decisions you make everyday. Life Groups provide the opportunity and community to help you focus on solving the problems that face your business today so that you can focus on the things that really matter when it counts.

Life Groups, The Legacy Centre’s peer advisory group program, provide a safe, confidential opportunity for members to grow personally and professionally. The purpose of Life Groups is to seek and share information regarding matters of business and personal interest with your peers. They are places where business owners gather together as a board of advisors, build authentic relationships, get comfortable, share honestly, invest in each other’s lives and work together to make their individual lives, businesses, and community better.

We are living and learning in community, and we invite you to join us on the journey.

Currently, there are several Life Groups meeting monthly. You can expect each group to consist of 10-12 participants meeting together for about 2 – 2 ½  hours each month. Commitment to the group is essential. It is important to ‘show up’ in heart, mind, and body for each meeting so that all group members will benefit from what you have to offer. Joining a Life Group is simple. With your individual preferences and schedules in mind, The Legacy Centre identifies and suggests groups that are a good fit with regard to business perspectives and individual personalities. This will be followed by a brief interview, introductory meeting, and official placement.

Get connected! It’s simple. Here's a couple of ways to connect into a Life Group:

Facilitate a Life Group

Serve others in our community of businesses by facilitating a Life Group. Successful Life Group Facilitators are seasoned professionals who want to give back, value relationships, and exhibit good communication and listening skills. Most importantly, facilitators share our heart in helping others share in community, the place where each group member’s heart and mind meet opportunity for personal and professional growth through relationship with one another. If you are interested in helping family business owners in this way, just send us a note. We will follow up with you.

Join a Life Group

Search below for a Life Group that matches your current position, desired topic, and/or interests. When you find one that you would like to join, please contact us with the name of your preferred group. We will do our best to meet your needs and preferences. If you still need more information prior to joining, send us a question through our contact form. You should hear back from us within 72 hours. If you do not receive a response, please email [email protected] or call our main office at (865) 386-6248.

The Legacy Centre offers three main types of Life Groups to help you find your place in our community to learn and grow.

      Positional Life Groups

  • Owner/President/CEO - These Life Groups are comprised of executive business leaders (Owner, President or CEO) within family-owned or closely held companies. The generation that they represent in the family business is not an issue. We also offer an exclusive Life Group for owners with $20 million or more annual revenue.
  • Women-Only - This group will consist of female executive business leaders (Owner, President or CEO) within family-owned or closely held companies. Again, the generation that they represent in the family business is not an issue. Among other things, members of this group will discuss issues from the vantage point of being a mother, a wife, and a full-time working woman and the challenges as well as the opportunities presented by those sometimes conflicting roles.

  • Next Generation - This Life Group is meant for individuals in leadership roles who are not the CEO or President yet but who at present typically represent the Gen 2, Gen 3, or even younger generations in the family business.

  • Entrepreneur - This group will include entrepreneurs who by definition are intrinsically motivated by risk and initiative and by life experience are interested in exploring further both the risk and reward of building a legacy for future generations through the family business enterprise.

  • Human Resource Professionals - This group challenges and supports our members' senior HR professionals, who are faced with remaining compliant with HR regulations and managing employee issues in a family business or entrepreneurial enterprise. 

      Topical Life Groups

  • Special Study/Book - Based on membership interest, we will offer a Life Group experience based on a special study or book that we believe (also by member suggestion) will benefit our members in their personal and professional growth. Similar to all groups, this Life Group will share experiences and community with one another. The study/book will act as a supplement to the discussions and help issues come to life for further examination.

  • Financial Peace University - Periodically, The Legacy Centre hosts Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University (FPU) as a benefit of membership. This is a non-traditional Life Group offering that meets for nine-weeks. Members' families and key employees are welcome to participate.

  • Work & Faith - Living your faith out at work can be a controversial subject. At the very least, leaders are often faced with challenging situations when integrating work and faith in addition to the normal demands of running a business. In addition to addressing business-related issues, members of this Life Group will discuss in-depth questions such as: "Does faith belong in the workplace?" and "How do I live authentically as a business man or woman?" Participants will provide support and encouragement to one another as they test and refine their personal approach to living out their faith at work as Christian business owners. Currently, this Life Group is starting a discussion on the power of prayer, based on the feature film, WAR ROOM.

      Interest-Related Life Groups

  • Service-Oriented - We are especially excited about this Life Group! In support of our mission to give back to the city in which we live and work, members of this Life Group will commit one year to serve Knoxville. The group will decide collectively on one or two initiatives to focus on throughout the year and set goals for each project. The group will serve once a month for a year. Members are encouraged to keep a journal. Following each service project, members of the group will discuss what they took from the experience and how those experiences and lessons learned - for example, lessons of humility, compassion, and generosity - could influence their personal life, work, and family for the better. We believe that this Life Group personifies 'living and learning in community' at its best.