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StoneBridge Advisors

Premier Partner

Financial Services

First Generation Business

Phone: (865) 985-0406

Contact: Ken A. Shipley
10420 Jackson Oaks Way
Knoxville, TN 37922

Company Information

StoneBridge Advisors is a full-service, fee based, comprehensive financial planning firm. We take personal pride in facilitating discussions via a structured customizable process that allows joint discovery of optimal solution pathways after being given full disclosure of the benefits and consequences of each alternative. In an industry that can feel confusing and overwhelming, we feel that education leads to empowered clients who are armed with knowledge. Knowledge leads to synergy between the client and the advisor, which then leads to coordinated strategies for each individual situation.

Clients are led though a customized process that may include, but isn’t limited to, an integrated analysis of financial independence, estate planning, trust design, charitable giving techniques, investment management, business succession planning, corporate fringe benefits planning, tax reduction strategies, and personal / corporate risk management. Our processes allow us to determine the appropriate financial strategies for all clients, including business owners, executives, and retirees.

At StoneBridge Advisors, our role with each client can be reduced to three words:

Ask—Ask questions to understand individual scenarios.

Listen—Listen carefully to our clients’ answers, including what is actually verbalized as well as the emotions behind those words.

Create—Create dynamic flexible solutions that address all the issues at hand in a cohesive manner.

At the conclusion of the planning process, two overriding results are achieved: 1- The production of integrated solutions that capture the efficiencies of coordination. Almost all of our clients have made great decisions before this process; however, there is significant value in coordinating the nuances of how all those decisions impact each other. 2- The ability to guide each client to truth in an industry that is filled with perception.

We believe that financial confidence isn’t just a result of making great decisions over the years; it comes with coordination, being educated in financial strategies, and understanding the decisions that have been made when the background noise in the industry can be deafening. CRN: 2046128-030218

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